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Are Your Hormones Balanced?

Your lifestyle plays a huge role in the level of your hormonal balance – or imbalance, for that matter. What you eat, how much sleep you’re getting, exercise and stress are all components which add up to this. Believe it or not, but the foods you introduce into your diet at any given point can have a serious effect on your hormones.

Having unbalanced hormones can be painfully frustrating. It can create a rollercoaster of emotions. But don’t get disheartened if you’re experiencing irritability, fatigue, sleep interruptions, horrible PMS and mood swings. This can ultimately be put back under your control, if you let it.



What Celery Can Do For Your Health

Celery, known as one of the lowest caloric vegetables ever, has recently been discovered to bolster health in a myriad of ways we weren’t aware of. For example, did you know that celery can protect against inflammation of the digestive tract? This is huge news, taking into consideration that the digestive tract largely affects our immunity. Let’s look at some of the other valuable health benefits celery has to offer.

Oral Health: Not only does celery keep the bacteria in your mouth balanced, but it also prevents plaque by its saliva production when you chew it.



The Premise of the Cheat Day

We all have them – that one day a week (or two) we’ve designated specifically for binging on high-fat junk food so that we can return to our gluten free, kale-laden meals without feeling utterly restricted. Cheat days always carry with them a perpetual sense of risk, because they remind us of what we’ve been missing out on – and that can easily lead to relapsing to poor diet choices.

They say that old habits die hard but, in the case of the cheat day, is the risk of falling off the wagon simply worth it? While some health experts advise that you give yourself a day or two off, other experts urge that you stay adamant.


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